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In this edition, our Brisbane-based corporate and commercial lawyers cover key legal issues including proposed new employee incentive relief, how the Code changes will affect franchisors, retail corporate bonds bill, financial product advisors, stamp duty implication of nomination clauses and nominee directors and confidentiality.

The termination of ill and injured workers can be fraught with risks.

Welcome to the June 2014 edition of HWL Ebsworth's Planning, Environment and Government e'Newsletter for New South Wales. We trust that you will find the information in this edition useful, timely and practical.

Recent amendments and proposed changes to bushfire planning legislation aim to facilitate the implementation of bushfire protection measures and eliminate unnecessary bushfire assessment requirements.

The 'cut and thrust' of litigation, particularly in hearings, often takes its toll on expert witnesses whose non-Court workload often gets pushed back due to their commitments to the Court. But what about the deadlines and Court timetables for evidence in the lead up to a hearing?

It is a regrettable feature of the carrying out of various commercial activities that accidents can occur which have the potential to harm the environment. An oil tanker vehicle may crash and cause oil to spill into adjoining bushland. A chemical spill may occur in a factory resulting in chemicals being discharged into the stormwater system and ultimately into a nearby river.

When landowners are dispossessed of their land by government authorities, their loss is more than just a loss in the value of land and/or the business carried out on the land.  The acquisition process also imposes costs on landowners such as relocation or loss of profits.

The nature of localised planning laws, whilst tailoring the control of land uses to local conditions, created myriad inconsistencies throughout the various local government areas of NSW.  This has been most evident through the adoption of Local Environmental Plans that use different definitions for various land uses.

In March of this year the Land and Environment Court approved an increase in the maximum student population from 100 to 200 students within existing facilities on the site of school in Lake Macquarie.

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